Over the past years Rigcon has carried out many major lifts which cover the full range of lifting operations. Rigcon is currently working with major Melbourne based contractors on many high profile contracts.

  • Tower Crane Supply

    Rigcon is a major supplier for Wolffkrann cranes in Australia. Our extensive fleet ensures we have cranes to suit all types of projects and to conduct all types of lifts. Wolff are growing in popularity in Melbourne due to their high lift capacities, ease of operation and low energy use.

  • Crane Crews

    Rigcon supply carne crews from the start to finish of your project. Our crane crews have extensive knowledge of all types of load lifting & the vision to push any project in front of them. Our riggers hold the highest certifications and have considerable experience throughout the Melbourne industry.

  • Tower Crane Erection & Dismantle

    Rigcon’s rigging crew will erect, climb and dismantle our tower cranes. Our gold card riggers are experts in getting the job done in minimal time to avoid delaying the project on site.

  • Mobile Cranage

    Rigcon has a vast fleet of mobile crane for conducting lifts as required for our crane elections and dismantles as well as supplementary cranage on our projects as required. We have a crane to suit all your project needs.